‘Widespread’ cheating by pupils caught in Brophy Prep math class

PHOENIX — Brophy School Preparatory sent a letter to mom and dad Friday exposing a “widespread, pervasive” dishonest scandal in a math program at the university.

The letter, also delivered to ABC15 by the university, tells parents that pupils paid other classmates to falsify identities on digital devices to full on the internet homework and consider assessments for them.

“Over the past 72 hours, we have turn out to be knowledgeable of academic dishonesty in your son’s Math course. To begin with, we believed this to be minimal to a little group of learners, but our investigation has discovered this dishonest to be prevalent, even pervasive, across numerous sections of this program. We have learned that some pupils devised a method whereby they would pay back classmates to falsify their identities in the course’s electronic assessment process and then full on the web homework and assessments. Unfortunately, we feel a major variety of the pupils in these programs have been engaged in, if not at the very least informed of, this procedure at some position this Semester,” the letter reads.

The letter goes on to say that graduation ceremonies scheduled for Saturday will materialize as prepared.

“I want to acknowledge the uncomfortable timing of this sobering information, which arrives on the cusp of an otherwise celebratory weekend. We will continue on discussions with personal learners and households in the coming days, but do not plan to address this incident this evening or tomorrow and detract from the celebrations the broad majority of our seniors have rightly gained,” the letter reads.

The college states it will have an interior review and audit of its assessment tactic across every office to “ensure the integrity of our educational method.”

A leading Brophy representative states it would be “impossible to know” the actual quantity of learners included, but mentioned it is much less than 100.

The letter asks mothers and fathers to talk to their small children individually to locate out if they were involved in the cheating.

As for punishment, the college agent explained repercussions would be a “range of things” spelled out in the university student handbook based on the level of cheating. Exact particulars on the attainable punishments weren’t released.