WHO works with army to educate a fishing community about COVID-19

In Uganda a WHO-supported team trained over 150 army officers and soldiers, 300 fishermen, community leaders and community members on how they can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Hundreds of pieces of informational materials were also distributed to encourage behavioural change and adherence to COVID-19 prevention and control guidelines among the fishing community. 

Previously, the fishing community in Uganda showed limited cooperation to social distancing guidelines and mask wearing recommendations. In addition, the group has close contact with counterparts from DR Congo increasing their chances of catching the disease. 

At the army facilities in this region, the WHO field team together with the district health authorities and clearance from senior officers, delivered COVID-19 information and messages. Soldiers and fishermen were given a quick orientation on COVID-19. They are more interested in personal protection and signs and symptoms of the disease. The health staff managing the Point of Entry are also taken through the Infection Prevention and Control Standard Operating Procedures regarding hand washing, temperature taking and how to identify the signs and symptoms when screening people for COVID 19. 

Officials noted that the response from the army and community has been positive and change in behaviour is visible.

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