Warren Board Of Education Profile: David Brezee

WARREN, NJ — Warren Township School Board has five candidates vying for three seats in the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

a man wearing glasses posing for the camera: David Brezee shares why he is running for election on the Warren Township School Board in 2020.

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David Brezee shares why he is running for election on the Warren Township School Board in 2020.

David Brezee is one of the candidates running. The other candidates include Christian Bellmann, Eric D. Winch, Todd Weinstein, and Laura Keller.


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Lori Ruckstuhl-Clar is also running for one, one-year unexpired seat.

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David Brezee

1. Why are running for Board of Education?

It has been my honor to serve the community of Warren as a member of the Warren Township Board of Education since December of 2016. As the father of 4 current students in our district, as well as a proud Warren resident, I am running for the Board of Education to continue my commitment of representing the best interests of our children and our community. My vision is simple: Empowering Students & Engaging Community. One can not be successful without the other.

2. What are your qualifications for this position?

I currently have twin boys in Warren Middle School, and 2 boys at Angelo L Tomaso elementary school. Since our twins’ enrollment in Kindergarten in 2013 I have attended almost every Board meeting as a community member and parent. In December 2016, I became a Board member and I’m proud to say neither my roots nor my commitment have changed. I remain committed to empowering our students while seeking input and collaborating with the community on the best path to do so. I remain committed to excellence in education for our students, and represent the community and parents in this role as a Board member.

Beyond my volunteer work on the Board, I also regularly volunteer for school activities including Food Days, Trunk-Or-Treat, and end of year Field Days. In addition, I help coach sports teams within Warren through our local recreation programs.

As a Board member, I have had the honor of serving on each of the three standing committees, as well as several ad-hoc committees approved by the Board. Additionally, I proudly served as the Board’s President in 2018 and 2019. Through all of these opportunities, I have been able to closely collaborate with district administration, staff, and community members; and have spent time in each of our amazing schools getting to know our staff and their unique abilities.

Through my career experiences, I am also able to offer insights into the world of education. Currently, I am a Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at a public corporation that prides itself in serving more than 6 million students through delivery of educational content and tools that enable improved academic performance.

Previous to this role, I was employed with a Big Four consulting firm. In this role, I was a leader of a focused team that successfully worked with public and private education clients to develop technological solutions that meet their growing needs. Through these experiences and partnerships with clients focused on student success, I have a firm understanding of the direction, challenges, and interests that our educational institutions and students face today.

Outside of my employment experiences, my passion for education exists in my personal life as well. For my own formal educational achievements, I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, an MBA in Global Management, and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems. I believe that education for our students is a lifelong process, and is achieved through both formal and informal channels. This lifelong process is built upon a strong foundation for education, and is key to the successes of our students to achieve new heights and accomplishments.

3. The single most pressing issue facing our school district is ____ and this is what I intend to do about it:

The most pressing issue I am seeing facing our school district at the moment is the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has become a factor in every decision that is made, while also causing some previous decisions to be re-evaluated with information constantly evolving. From our students’ experiences in-school and remote, through the funding of the schools and the impact of our budget on Warren taxpayers, the pandemic is impacting every aspect of the schools’ operations and the experience of our students.

Recognizing the economic uncertainties related to the pandemic, our Board adopted a budget earlier this year with a zero percent tax increase. As the Chair of this year’s Finance, Operations, and Security committee, I was extremely proud of all the work and collaboration done to accomplish this feat while continuing to support our students’ educational needs.

Through all of this, our students’ education must remain our district’s priority. As a Board member, I would see my role as continuing to advocate strongly for the education of our students being of the highest quality possible, and our district operating as a beacon for other school districts to model from.

Campaign website – warrennj2020.com

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