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Arizona Arts Live 2020-21 season

What: Arizona Arts Live replaces UA Presents as the University of Arizona arts presenter. It kicks off its inaugural season in October.

Tickets: Prices as listed and available at

The season:

• Oct. 29-Nov. 29, “Monuments”: Australian artmaker Craig Walsh challenges the traditional concept of monuments as homages to long dead heroes and instead celebrates the living, commemorating Southern Arizona’s unsung heroes for their contributions to the community. Each night in the trees on the University of Arizona campus, visitors can see projected images of local heroes and learn their stories. Free.

• Nov. 10-24, 600 Highway Men’s ​”A Thousand Ways​, Act 1,” over a telephone: The opening act of a three-part performance art piece that engages audience members “with their words, actions, gestures, silence and thoughts.” Here’s how it works: Two people who have never met, guided by prompts, questions and a score of instructions, will have a  conversation. The idea is to explore ” the line between strangeness and kinship, distance and proximity, and how the most intimate assembly can become profoundly radical,” according to the program notes. The second act, which takes place at a card table with a glass divider, will take place in the spring. The final act, which involves a group of people, will take place when COVID restrictions are no longer in place. TIckets start at $15.

• Dec. 1-6, Scott Silven’s​ “The Journey,”​ live online: Arizona Arts Live co-commissioned the work from Scottish illusionist and performance artist Silven. The online live show is limited to audiences of 30 or less as Silven recounts a long-forgotten story that will unlock the secrets of Silven’s homeland courtesy extraordinary illusions. In the process, you will discover the path that connects you to Silven’s past, your present and our collective future. Silven will perform from his home in Scotland. Tickets start at $30.

• Dec. 11-13, Manual Cinema’s ​”A Christmas Carol,” ​live online: A new twist on Charles Dickens’ holiday classic of the Scrooge and Tiny Tim, this one is told through puppets. And the story is a bit updated for our COVID times: “An avowed holiday skeptic, Aunt Trudy has been recruited to channel her late husband Joe’s famous Christmas cheer. From the isolation of her studio apartment, she reconstructs his annual ‘Christmas Carol’ puppet show over a Zoom call while the family celebrates Christmas Eve under lockdown. But as Trudy becomes more absorbed in her own version of the story, the puppets take on a life of their own, and the family’s call transforms into a stunning cinematic adaptation of Dickens’s classic ghost story.” The performance features Manual Cinema’s signature paper puppets, miniatures, silhouettes and live score and each show is live-streamed from the troupe’s Chicago studio. 

• 7 p.m. Thursdays Oct. 15-Nov. 19, Sounds From the Sonoran Desert,​ Arizona Stadium: The outdoor concert series was inspired by President Trump’s announcement in July that international students would be barred from coming to the U.S. if their universities were not offering in-person classes. Sounds of the Sonoran Desert is set up as an in-person opportunity for international students to learn about and experience the music of Southern Arizona. The series also is open to the public. Artists set to perform: D. Faktion Nyne, Mariachi Luz De Luna, RyanHood, Diluvio AZ, XIXA and Orkestra Mendoza. Suggested donation of $10 per concert. 

• Dates TBA, Inside/Out, outdoor concert series. Local artists will perform outdoors throughout the greater Tucson area including in the desert. Audiences will be provided a wireless headset that will allow them to social distance and not miss a note. Tickets start at $15. 

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