Tom Harkin: 2020 election about health care | Iowa news

“So the idea Iowans would support Joe Biden’s plan to expand Obamacare without fixing it is ridiculous,” Samsundar said. “Frankly, for Iowans to even trust Joe Biden to fix the health care system he broke is outrageous.”

Harkin was joined on the call by Dan Callahan, an Independence, Iowa, veteran who has a preexisting condition contracted while serving in Iraq, and Elena Delle Donne, a Women’s National Basketball Association player whose wife is from Davenport.

When Harkin introduced the Affordable Care Act on the Senate floor, he referred to it as a starter home, “a great beginning.”

“Our intent was always that we would add on to it and improve it,” he said. “Our goal was nothing less than every American, regardless of income or health status, would have access to dependable, quality preventive health care in America. And basically, we did deliver on that.”

That’s at risk in the 2020 election because President Donald Trump and Republicans have been promising to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“But 10 years later, all I’ve seen is plans and laws and bills to repeal it. But I’ve seen no replacement,” he said.

It’s time for Democrats to realize Obamacare was a failed experiment, Samsundar pushed back.

“It’s time for them to work with Republican colleagues and President Trump to put together a health care plan that works for Iowans and everyday Americans,” she said.

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