The China Business School E20 Alliance Established, Launching A New Era Of Executive Education

The China E20 Alliance was founded by China’s 14 leading universities to promote the development and integration of the country’s executive education industry, share best practices, drive innovation and enhance the value of organizations and people. In assisting Chinese entrepreneurs in their growth and evolution, the alliance seeks to create a new era in Chinese executive education.

Zou Yufeng, the newly elected chairman of the China E20 Alliance, said, “As an executive education exchange platform for the Double First-Class schools, the China E20 Alliance seeks to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs. As the first leading business school to offer management education, Renmin University of China Business School’s objective is to enhance Chinese management and cultivate global leaders, to bring in a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs and enterprises.”

As China’s economy continues to grow, the notion of “dual circulation” development or the concurrent development of the national and international markets has emerged. In this environment, Chinese entrepreneurs play a key role and the China E20 Alliance’s core values of opening up, cooperation, win-win scenarios, and knowledge with action will assist the country’s call for a new phase in development strategy.

In the first half of 2021, the China E20 Alliance, led by the China Europe International Business School, will host the first China E20 Alliance Summit Forum, to open up extensive cooperation and sharing through projects and campus visits, and more. 

About the Renmin University of China Business School Executive Education Programme

The Executive Education Programme is hosted within Renmin University of China’s business school. Its unique approach to learning integrates the best of western and Chinese management philosophies and practices. Through rigorous and applied learning, the programme equips every executive with the knowledge to lead and the power to change the world. For more information, please visit

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