Tanzania: Best Football Philosophy Nearing, Says TFF

THE Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) said soon, the philosophy of Tanzania football will be introduced as the federation is in the final stages to display the system.

This was confirmed by the federation’s General Secretary Wilfred Kidao, who reiterated that the final draft of the football philosophy will be made public soon.

“The procedures to have our own football philosophy are being led by the TFF Technical Director Oscar Mirambo, with support from FIFA and UEFA experts. “We also shared the draft with other respectable football coaches, for the purpose of getting their inputs and the contribution from them has been great. “At the moment, we want to share the draft with our own coaches and stakeholders, who understand our environment,” Kidao said.

Kidao continued: “For a long time, people have been urging us to create the football philosophy, which is now at a promising stage and the federation’s Executive Committee has blessed for this move to be accomplished soon.”

Furthermore, Kidao disclosed that from next year, TFF will introduce School of Football Management, whose purpose will be to impart necessary football management skills.

“At the moment, the preliminary draft on how to establish the training is being prepared by experts from the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) and other higher learning institutions. “The work on formulating the learning guidelines has been completed by 80 per cent and shortly, we will submit the document to the National Council of Technical Education (NACTE) for endorsement to start the recognised trainings,” he said.