This Doctor Is Teaching Black Youth To Cope With Mental Health Issues

The COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus pandemic, has caused many Americans across the country to adapt to a new reality following the devastating economic fallout. According to the CDC, 40% of Americans have reported they were struggling with mental health issues since June, with 31% reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression. Young adults and teenagers have also been severely impacted, with many unsure about the future of their academic pursuits with school closures due to social distancing restrictions and a pivot to online learning.

To help with the transition, programs like Peer Health Exchange are working with young adults to help them learn to cope with their mental health issues. Angela Glymph, Ph.D., vice president of Programs and Strategic Learning of Peer Health Exchange, discusses why organizations like hers are so important especially during this time.

“I’ve been working with the organization [since] 2014,” says Glymph in an interview with

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Sanvello Teams Up With the Chicago Bulls to Increase Access to Mental Health Resources for Youth

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sanvello Health, Inc., a leading digital mental health care provider and UnitedHealth Group company (NYSE:UNH), today announced a new partnership with the Chicago Bulls. The partnership will raise awareness and increase access to mental health services both internally at the Bulls for players, coaches and front office staff, and externally for Bulls fans and select community partners.

Sanvello, a full-spectrum mental health care provider, offers self-care, coaching, therapy and community — all accessed from a single app. With this partnership, Bulls players, coaches and front office staff will be offered access to the full suite of Sanvello’s services with Sanvello Premium.

Additionally, Sanvello and the Bulls will hold virtual mental health events throughout the year for teens from three community partners: Mindfulness Leader, Chicago Run and Chicago Westside Sports. These events, hosted by Sanvello Chief Medical Officer Dr. Monika Roots and Bulls personnel, will aim to normalize

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Amplifying youth vote, civics education

Civics education is critical to a functioning Democratic society.

When I served as the first student member on the Maine State Board of Education, it was something that I advocated for in the curriculum. Students should know how their own government works. Students should know how and why to register to vote. Students should know the fundamentals of our political system. This instills a solid foundation of recognizing your civic responsibility, not just your rights, in our country.

Pre-pandemic, one of the highlights of my legislative service has been to visit with classrooms throughout our area. Every year, I would visit with students in elementary and middle school about how a bill becomes a law. When a student connects the dots to see how they can have a real, tangible impact in their community or state, it makes it all worth it. It gives me hope for our future. This

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Cork hunger strike exhibition ‘to educate youth about Irish freedom’

Events such as a new exhibition and book telling the story of nine men who lasted 94 days on hunger strike during the War of Independence can guide future generations on conflicts, according to Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

Speaking prior to a visit to the new exhibition at Cork Public Museum, Mr Martin said he hoped events from the Decade of Commemoration would provide fresh insights and understanding for young people on how independence was achieved almost 100 years ago.

To coincide with the new the exhibition entitled, “Suffering the Most – the Life and Times of Tomás Mac Curtain and Terence MacSwiney”, Cork City Council has funded a new book on the Cork Hunger Strikers, telling the story of the men who went on hunger strike with MacSwiney in August 1920.

In all, 65 men went on hunger strike with most attention focusing on MacSwiney whose death in Brixton Prison

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[email protected] Stage Announces Online Youth & Adult Programs

Education @ Hartford Stage announces online Fall Youth and Adult programs

Free Youth Classes for Hartford Residents

Hartford, CT – After a successful launch of online education classes this summer for both youth and adult students, Education @ Hartford Stage has announced a Fall line-up of 7 youth classes and 5 adult classes.

“We were delighted to have 75 students join us this summer for our first online classes.” said Jennifer Roberts, Director of Education @ Hartford Stage. “Working in a virtual space still allowed students to form bonds, but also created some unique opportunities to collectively explore the craft of theatre. We look forward to challenging our students and teaching artists to find new avenues of creativity this fall.”

With the launch of our Fall programs, Hartford Stage is unveiling a new community initiative to provide free youth classes for Hartford residents. With additional funding provided the Scripps Family

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‘We will teach our children the truth about America’: Trump defends patriotic education plan likened to Hitler Youth

Donald Trump has once again touted his plans for a “patriotic education” commission for American schools to teach children to “love America,” a plan that has been likened to the Hitler Youth programme from Nazi Germany.

“I announced last week that we’re launching a pro-American lesson plan for students. [The] 1776 [Commission],” Mr Trump said to a roar of applause from his supporters at an airplane hangar rally near Dayton, Ohio, on Monday.

“We will teach our children the truth about America — that we are the most exceptional nation on the face of the earth, and we are getting better and better all the time. … No party can lead America that will not teach our children to love America,” the president said.

Shortly after Mr Trump announced his plan for the 1776 Commission last week, “Hitler Youth” began trending on Twitter as users compared the two.

“Since people

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