Naga Appoints World-Renowned Financial Markets Lecturer Andreas Thalassinos as Director of Education

His deep passion for trading and technical analysis led him to study the financial markets from a mathematical and mechanical perspective. Gathering incredible insights into the technical aspect of trading over the years, Mr. Thalassinos became an active advocate of algorithmic trading, adding the development of hundreds of automated systems, technical indicators, and trading tools. His trading products are used today by forex brokers, investment firms, traders and investors worldwide. 

His latest research paper, titled “Anatomy of a living trend: Swing charts, High Points and Low Points, Peaks and Troughs and how their underlying structure may define their forecasting strength” clearly explains the technical aspects of trading, delving deeper into trend identification, chart patterns and how to identify them with precision, serving as a useful resource for traders and investors, regardless of where they are on their trading journey. 

Joining NAGA, the Hamburg-based fintech accelerator and social trading platform, Mr.

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