New website launched to support schools and colleges in widening access to higher education

HEON is the Higher Education Outreach Network, part of the Uni Connect Programme funded by the Office for Students.

It offers opportunities to help students in school and college explore different career pathways whilst helping widen access into higher education.

Recently, the network has launched a new service, the HEON Outreach Hub. The Hub provides a wide range of educational and informative resources, case-studies and guidance in accessing outreach provision in the local area.

Supporting students’ next steps

Before the summer, HEON designed a range of resources to help students which were focused on transitioning into either higher education or further education. These were created as the team recognised a gap in provision as these students would be progressing to their next educational step.

HEON designed a series of weekly resources on different topics such as how to develop effective study skills, advice on applying for an apprenticeship and interview

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