George Washington University to conduct spring semester online

“Managing this pandemic has called on us all to do our part to keep the community healthy and safe, and to support one another through these difficult decisions,” officials said in an email to the university community.

University leaders considered the spread of the virus, the school’s ability to house students safely and feedback from the community as they weighed the possibility of reopening the campus, according to the announcement.

Based on current conditions, the school said it is also unlikely commencement will be held in person in May.

GWU President Thomas J. ­LeBlanc told the Faculty Senate on Friday the spring semester “will look a lot like it looks right now,” according to the GW Hatchet, the student newspaper. Most classes are being taught remotely; exceptions have been made for a handful of courses that require research or in-person instruction.

The campus has reported 29 positive virus cases since

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Referendum 90: Voters to decide on Washington state sexual health education bill | Alexa News

TRI-CITIES, WA – As the election heads our way one bill about comprehensive sexual health education is gaining a lot of attention and making history.

Referendum 90 marks the the first time citizens will vote on sex education mandates. Up until now, the school board made those decisions.

Now let’s break down Referendum 90: According to right now the law says public school districts can choose to provide sexual health education to students and parents have the ability to excuse their child if they choose.

The upcoming vote on the sexual health education bill, referendum 90, would change things by requiring all public schools in Washington state to provide age-appropriate sexual health education. However, parents would still have the choice to excuse their children from those classes.

Here’s the type of sexual health education students will get if the bill passes:

First, the instruction would cover human development and

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Controversial bill mandating sex education in Washington schools goes to voters in November

Referendum 90 would mandate “age-appropriate” sexual health education to be taught to students in every grade in Washington’s public schools.

SEATTLE — Ballots will soon arrive in mailboxes around Washington state and one controversial issue voters will decide on is Referendum 90, which involves the future of sex education in schools. 

In June, it was a coalition of parents who took back control over the future of sex education in schools, gathering enough signatures to put the decision in the voter’s hands. 

“It was a state record during a global pandemic,” Whitney Holz with Informed Parents of Washington explained.

Initially, the legislature passed guidelines that Gov. Jay Inslee signed in March, mandating every public school in the state to provide “age-appropriate” comprehensive sexual health education for every grade by the 2022-23 school year.

Supporters say in the younger grades it can help kids understand how to build healthy relationships and

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Insight School of Washington Offers New Middle School to Meet Increased Demand by Parents for Online School

The surge of COVID nationwide has forced parents, and school districts, to rapidly rethink their education plans, even after schools have opened.

Insight School of Washington (ISWA), a tuition-free online public-school previously serving students in grades 9-12 announced today that they will immediately open a Middle School for grades 6-8. The school is scheduled to open October 12th and is currently accepting applications.

“Parents are still understandably nervous about sending their children to brick-and-mortar schools and are looking for solutions that will work for them right away,” said ISWA Head of School Cecily Kiester. “Because of the demand, we worked quickly with the District to provide this new solution for middle school parents across the state.”

ISWA, an online public-school program of the Quillayute Valley School District, has been serving Washington families for over 14 years.

“As we looked for options to help Washington families, we wanted to go

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‘COVID-19 IRL’: Western Washington University students use social media to educate incoming students

‘COVID-19 IRL’ (In Real Life) is a social media campaign started by Western Washington University students for students to help them learn about the coronavirus.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — With only 1,300 hundred of the normally 4,000 students living on campus returning this week, life is much quieter under coronavirus at Western Washington University (WWU).

But that doesn’t mean it’s any more calm.

“I’m definitely worried about school starting back up and what thousands of students moving back up to Bellingham means for the community and for COVID infection rates,” said grad student Hunter Stuehm.

Stuehm is a member of student government at WWU.

He said 90% of students surveyed said they wear masks and social distance while in public, but that number drops to 40% when they’re with friends and family. 

“It’s frustrating to see young people not being responsible,” he said. “That behavior is inappropriate and inexcusable, but I

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