About That AISD Waiver: Following backlash, confusion, district will seek TEA waiver to extend virtual learning, phase in classroom instruction after Oct. 5 – News

AISD released an example video depicting what students can expect when campuses reopen for in-person learning. (Image via Austin ISD Facebook)

Last week, a certain four-week waiver – which seemed to have the potential to keep school entirely online until November – was the talk of the Austin Independent School District. The only problem? That waiver didn’t exist. At least not in the way some believed it to work.

The confusion can be traced to Sept. 14’s AISD Board of Trustees meeting, where District 4 Trustee Kristin Ashy, citing parents’ interest, asked Superintendent Steph­anie Elizalde for an update on whether she would apply for a Texas Education Agency waiver that, if granted, would extend virtual learning for four weeks after October 5.

“We would actually have to turn in a waiver, I think, this week” replied Elizalde, “and I have no intention of turning in that waiver right

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