Brewery Greene King will educate its staff in ‘understanding slavery’

Brewery Greene King which was founded by plantation owner will ‘educate its staff in understanding slavery’ after firm said its historic link to slave trade is ‘inexcusable’

  • Greene King will be launching a programme to raise awareness about slavery 
  • Employees at the company will be given chance to take part in online workshops 
  • Company is teaming up with the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool 
  • The pub group was founded by the slave owner Benjamin Greene in 1799

Greene King has revealed it will launch a programme to raise awareness about slavery after admitting it was ‘inexcusable’ that its founder profited from the transatlantic slave trade.

The pub company, which has more than 3,000 pubs across the country, is teaming up with the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool to ‘educate people about the

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Hegel’s Understanding of History | Issue 140

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Hegel & History

Jack Fox-Williams outlines the basics of how history works for Hegel.

One of Hegel’s most interesting but misunderstood areas of enquiry concerns history, particularly his so-called ‘dialectical’ approach to understanding the development of human society. This article aims to provide a brief but useful outline of Hegel’s historical theory, and demonstrate its relevance to the modern age.

Hegel by Pinto
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Hegel’s Classification of History

In his Introduction to Lectures on the Philosophy of World History (1837), Hegel argues that there are three ways of doing history.

The first of these is original history. Original history refers to

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