The truth about equitable education in New Hampshire

Published: 9/19/2020 6:00:03 AM

Candidates for state representative receive questionnaires from numerous organizations. They often contain “loaded” questions, but the most incendiary was not from an advocacy group but from the League of Women Voters: “What should state government do to ensure an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?”

The N.H. Constitution as interpreted by the N.H. Supreme Court requires that all students receive an “adequate” education not an “equitable” one. Under the standard of Brown v. Board of Education, equitable schools would require uniform teacher salaries statewide, a state-imposed curriculum, building aid targeted to the most obsolete facilities, etc. The Legislature is not even funding a truly “adequate” education; there is no way right now that they will find the money for “equitable.”

More significantly, even people and groups that take pride in their sense of social justice may not want equitable education.

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‘We will teach our children the truth about America’: Trump defends patriotic education plan likened to Hitler Youth

Donald Trump has once again touted his plans for a “patriotic education” commission for American schools to teach children to “love America,” a plan that has been likened to the Hitler Youth programme from Nazi Germany.

“I announced last week that we’re launching a pro-American lesson plan for students. [The] 1776 [Commission],” Mr Trump said to a roar of applause from his supporters at an airplane hangar rally near Dayton, Ohio, on Monday.

“We will teach our children the truth about America — that we are the most exceptional nation on the face of the earth, and we are getting better and better all the time. … No party can lead America that will not teach our children to love America,” the president said.

Shortly after Mr Trump announced his plan for the 1776 Commission last week, “Hitler Youth” began trending on Twitter as users compared the two.

“Since people

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