Are snow days a thing of the past? With Massachusetts schools both online and in-person, a long tradition could change

Snow days have always been a right of passage for kids in the New England region, a brief respite from schoolwork marked by sleeping in and making snowmen.

But now, with school districts across Massachusetts still relying on remote learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, the future of snow days may come into question.

In Worcester, where students are learning remotely through at least the first semester, Superintendent Maureen Binienda said she’s waiting to hear from state education officials on what the plan will be for students this winter. But, Binienda said she thinks the possibility of traditional snow days turning into online learning days is a change she would welcome.

“We can do remote learning with students online for the whole day. By the end of this year, all of us are going to have really good established practices with that,” Binienda said. “It would make sense that you could

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No, the Catholic intellectual tradition is not a thing of the past.

It is common to hear rumors that the Catholic academy has gone missing. This is better understood as a generational anthem of nostalgic discontent, projecting willful and often cynical ignorance. This past summer, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, I spent most of my time between two academic book projects for Routledge and Bloomsbury. In August, I read three recent books, published by M.I.T., Oxford and Princeton (all academic presses), during a short vacation.

These five books of my summer, while diverse, are united by a common biographical Catholicism, a trait all but one of the authors carries confessionally. These books are written for general and academic secular audiences and carry the peer-reviewed expertise of various fields of study, above all from philosophy. Nonetheless, each book carries real and even intimate signs of the church alive and at work. Together, they form a resounding counterfactual rebuke of the cottage industry reporting the

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