Miami faculty adapt to online and hybrid teaching; developing tools and techniques that will serve students far beyond COVID-19 pandemic

By Cliff Peale,  director of executive communications


Norm Krumpe in the home studio he shares with Jane Keiser (image courtesy Krumpe).

Across all of Miami University’s campuses, faculty are changing the way they teach.

  • In the nursing labs at Miami Regionals, Tina Andrews-Parks used help from the E-campus unit on the Hamilton and Middletown campuses to familiarize herself with SpeedGrader, where she can tabulate and analyze the responses to each question in seconds for her online class. “I won’t go backwards to paper testing,” she said.
  • In information systems and analytics, Bob Leonard uses software that enables students to analyze larger data sets in his online courses. “It’s going to be great bringing newly developed tools back to the classroom, because students will have that (online) scaffolding in addition to their professor as a resource,” he said.
  • In political science, Monica Schneider has recruited speakers to address her Campaigns and
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Virginia Department of Health launches COVID-19 online tools, including one with school metrics | Education

“We hope communities use the tool to understand the data in their locality and also in surrounding counties or localities to help understand the potential risk of introductions and or subsequent transmission in other settings, like school,” Forlano said.

In the Richmond area, only Hanover County brought students back into the classroom on the first day of school. Chesterfield County is returning some K-12 special education students back to in-person instruction on Tuesday, while Henrico County is weighing whether to move to a hybrid model next month. The city of Richmond is opening some school buildings for emergency child care.

VDH recommends that any decisions about in-person instruction or school closures be handled at the local level. The Department of Health has recommended for school systems to prioritize bringing back the highest-need and youngest elementary school students first.

“That guidance has and continues to prioritize the needs of students who

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