International SOS Launches Online Tool To Help Assess Mental Health

Unsplash/Nik Shuliahin

Without seeing colleagues or employees face to face, in a room where you can assess body language and have a frank conversation, how easy is it to spot a mental health problem? Pretty tricky, according to International SOS. To help both employees and employers cope, the health and security specialist has launched a tool called “Spot the risk – mental health”.

The aim of the open access platform is to help organisations spot and tackle psychological distress. Through an interactive online quiz, it provides information on the indicators and influences on the mental health of an employee.

“With the current levels of uncertainty and pressures in many people’s lives, mental health awareness is a pressing issue for individuals and organisations alike,” International SOS Group Medical Director of Assistance Dr Neil Nerwich said. “Increasing knowledge, accessing professional support, learning how to cope with psychological distress and being aware of

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