Thought Industries Releases The Customer Education Playbook at COGNITION 2020

BOSTON, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —  Thought Industries, the world’s leading B2B customer training platform provider, announced The Customer Education Playbook at COGNITION 2020. The most comprehensive and validated methodology for developing, implementing, and evaluating a customer education program, the Playbook is backed by nearly 200 interviews with Thought Industries customers and customer education professionals on what it takes to achieve success.

Presented in an October 6 keynote by Daniel Quick, Senior Director of Product Experience at Thought Industries, attendees of the COGNITION 2020 virtual customer education conference and user event were given a first-hand preview of the 12 critical steps in standing up a customer education program and key questions companies should be asking as their business strategy and customers evolve.

“Companies looking to scale onboarding, grow their brand, and drive customer engagement can leverage the methodology as a guide to implement impactful customer education,” said

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Remember When We Thought Higher Ed Was ‘In Crisis’?

Still, looking back at the book, I realize that several issues I highlighted have become even more relevant over the past seven months — particularly the racial and economic disparities in educational opportunity and the potential and limits of online education. Meanwhile, some of the crucial issues bubbling up today — the “trust gap” between college leaders and faculty and staff members, for one — didn’t seem as “live-or-death” important in 2014.

I wasn’t as farsighted as another author, Bryan Alexander, who actually speculated on the potential effects of a pandemic in his early-2020 book, Academia Next. And I feel no sense of satisfaction in seeing fissures I called out six years ago deepening today. Frankly, it’s painful. But I do think re-examining where I thought the sector was headed — and what its biggest challenges were — could help us comprehend the current crisis and, eventually, dig out

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