How Colleges Can Use a Purple Team to Improve Cyber Resilience

 A New Mindset Improving Higher Education Cybersecurity

In higher education, effective purple teaming may require a new mindset — and a cultural shift among IT stakeholders.

“If you look at higher ed, there are clearly many internal factions and adversarial dynamics. It may be IT versus security, or there may be departmental politics,” says Will Ash, senior director of U.S. public sector security at Cisco. “Purple teams introduce a culture with a more constant flow of information, with teamwork between these different factions.”

For that to happen, senior leadership must set the tone. The provost, dean and CISO should make clear that security is inherently a collaborative effort. “All the teams need to focus on the higher purpose. They need to understand that the overall goal is to improve the organization’s cybersecurity posture,” Ash says. “Having a purple team in place can help put the collective focus on that goal.”

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Newton high school robotics team cracks the code for making virtual learning fun

“I had to put myself in the shoes of a third-grader who is sitting at a computer at home and wants to be told a story,” Skyler Bohnert, a Newton North High School senior who taught a history class at the camp, said. “They don’t want to be lectured at, they don’t want to take a test, but they want to be involved in a conversation about something they find interesting.”

Kavya Ajaykumar, a sophomore at Newton North High School and a co-founder of Camp AMP, said background noises and technological challenges can make it difficult for students to speak naturally to their classmates and teacher over Zoom and socialize with each other and feel a sense of community.

Ajaykumar said they staffed Camp AMP entirely with high school students because they had firsthand experience of abruptly transitioning to online learning when schools closed in March. Focusing on facilitated class

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Fieldfisher’s EO team marks the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

Fieldfisher’s employee ownership team today marks the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) with the publication of partner Graeme Nuttall’s acclaimed lecture on ‘EO v3.0 – Employee ownership with added Gandhian purpose‘ and his participation in events organised internationally to celebrate this anniversary and reflect on Gandhi’s continuing relevance in today’s World. 

On 28 July 2020 Graeme Nuttall OBE delivered The Gandhi Foundation’s prestigious annual lecture, in which he advocated employee ownership as a means to achieve higher standards of environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes.  His lecture was immediately applauded by leading employee ownership organisations who supported his key conclusion that every employee-owned company should commit to making an overall positive contribution to society and the environment. Fieldfisher’s EO team today publishes the first complete copy of his lecture, with annotations.

On 1 October 2020 Graeme Nuttall spoke at the invitation of

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Tear gas isn’t banned; Jersey City seniors deserve better housing; Education Matters team should win | Letters

Get the facts on tear gas

I’m surprised to see that law enforcement was awarded the cash for riot gear (“Three and a half months after first request, Hudson County law enforcement agencies will get tear gas”). But more surprised to see a member of the public being quoted as saying “tear gas is banned under the Geneva Convention.”

It is not.

And he is mistaken in his assumption that it pertains to protests of the nature we have been experiencing.  He might want to review the document in its entirety starting with “Basic Rules of International Humanitarian law in Armed Conflicts,” which this is not classified, and “Protection of Civilian Persons and Populations in Time of War,” which we are not.

Kenneth Keane, Eatontown, formerly of Jersey City

Seniors need more and better housing options

Jersey City needs better senior housing. We need more senior housing and better buildings

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English club vows to ‘educate on diversity’ after Muslim cricketer made uncomfortable in team celebrations | 1 NEWS

An English cricket club is vowing to provide better education on cultural diversity after one of their Muslim players was made uncomfortable during post-match celebrations.

Essex celebrate on the Pavilion balcony at Lord’s while Feroze Khushi, far left, is doused in beer.
Source: Getty

Essex were ready to rejoice after winning the Bob Willis Trophy – a one-off first-class tournament in the UK due to the impact of Covid-19 – and began spraying alcohol during their celebrations.

However, during the celebrations on the balcony at Lord’s, 12th man Feroze Khushi was photographed recoiling as beer was poured on him.

Alcohol is forbidden to Muslims for religious reasons, leaving Essex admitting the celebrations failed to meet their inclusive values and pledging to do more.

“Essex County Cricket Club prides themselves on their work within multi-diverse communities throughout the county and the surrounding areas,” the country said in a statement.

“For a

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Lingoda announces the Lingoda Team Challenge: the future of online language learning

– The Lingoda Team Challenge makes language learning an experience to share with friends, relatives and colleagues

– Mutual motivation and support are key to create a successful learning habit, achieve a common goal and win exclusive prizes

– Success in the challenge will enable learners to play a leading role as responsible global citizens

BERLIN, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Lingoda, the number one trusted online language school, announces today the launch of the #LingodaTeamChallenge, a global contest bringing together people from all over the world, united in the mission to learn a new language.

What makes the Lingoda Team Challenge special is the combination of remote learning programs tailored to individuals’ needs and the dynamic environment of a goal-based contest. The format allows people separated in time and space to connect with their friends, relatives, and co-workers by joining as a team. Teams showing team spirit

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Prodigy Education adds key players to executive team to propel the company’s extraordinary growth in 2020

– Three new c-suite leaders are the cornerstones for Prodigy’s ambitious 2021 expansion plans based on its five-year ambition to become the world’s leading education platform –

TORONTO, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Prodigy Education, a market-leading educational technology company, recently appointed Kulsum Qasim as Chief Marketing Officer, John Stetic as Chief Product Officer, and Jean-Luc Dery as Chief Technology Officer. This strategic investment in leadership will allow Prodigy to accelerate its growth at this pivotal moment for educational technology.

“I’m thrilled at the opportunity to level-up our executive team and organization from a startup to a world-class software company,” said Rohan Mahimker on behalf of himself and co-CEO Alex Peters. “We’re looking to grow from 350 employees to thousands in the next five years and Kulsum, John and Jean-Luc all bring strong experience to help take us there. Their innovation and focus will help us inspire a

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