Porch pirates target pregnant special education teacher twice

DENVER (KDVR) — Porch pirates targeted a pregnant special education teacher in the Denver community, stealing sentimental items despite Ring cameras capturing everything.

Stephanie and Jason Stanton are five weeks out from becoming parents.

“This is our first and we’re super excited,” Stephanie said. 

This past weekend, baby shower excitement quickly turned into fear and frustration with a Ring camera notification.

“We were sitting in the Chicago airport when we got another Ring announcement,” Jason said, adding, “I’m like, ‘I bet someone is stealing our packages’ and sure enough, I pulled it right up, watched the person come up to the door, pull several packages from the door and scoot away.”

The items were presents off their registry for their unborn baby. 

“it is just kind of miserable and it feels crappy because it’s like, why steal these things? You don’t know what they are?” Stephanie said.

To make matters

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Ohio State football target Ernest Cooper, 2022 DE, values education over just a ‘crazy good’ program: Buckeyes Recruiting Roundup

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Defensive lineman Ernest Cooper of Martin High School in Arlington, Texas can be described as a ‘go-getter’, ‘hard-worker’, and ‘all-around guy’ with over 20 offers to prove it, including Ohio State football.

Yet, a big factor in his decision will not be the success of the football program, but the opportunities and academics the university will provide.

“(My parents) told me to take my time,” Cooper told cleveland.com’s Kayla Harvey. “They’re not going to influence it at all, it’s going to be my decision and one of the most selfish decisions you can make in life because it’s going to be about you and your next four years.”

Cooper was offered by defensive line coach Larry Johnson during a phone call in May. With coaches able to contact recruits directly starting on Sept. 1, daily conversations between the two has become a priority.

“Like it is with

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