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While Timm relishes what small-town life offers him and his family, he said he encourages children to broaden their horizons.

“Our school’s gone 1-to1. Every kid (grades) 7 to 12 has a laptop,” he said. “Those kids are connecting to the world, and we can bring the world here through that process. So I want those kids to realize that, though you’re located in a place that you have to zoom in quite a ways on Google Earth to find us, that they have connections to the outside world, that they can bring themselves to the world while still getting a quality education here.”

Timm was inspired to become a teacher when, in high school, he attended a leadership conference in Washington, D.C.

Being named Teacher of the Year is “a little surreal,” he said.

“It was a surprise,” he said, but he had an inkling something was up when

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‘The TEA report does not surprise me’

A scathing new report into Houston ISD’s special education program finds it systematically flawed.

Special education advocate reacts to TEA report criticizing HISD



The 88-page “final investigative report” follows months of work by the Texas Education Agency and says “…systematic failure in special education has become institutionalized” and that “HISD’s attempts to avoid responsibility on these matters is disconcerting.”


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Among other things, investigators report interviews on multiple campuses revealed area superintendents do not hold principals accountable for special education services and non-special education administrators often view providing such services as a burden.

“The TEA report does not surprise me,” said Mary Jane Williams, executive director of Family to Family Network.

Family to Family Network helps parents of special needs students and others navigate the system, including school.

“Trying to find services to help their children get a good education is very difficult, whether

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