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Q: I’ve read that some colleges now are minimizing the importance of grammar rules in writing as a way to alleviate systemic racism against people of color. Previously, writing instruction has handicapped students from non-standard language backgrounds. Now there is a movement toward empowering these marginalized students to make grammatical choices that challenge standard conventions and push back against prejudices that are based on a euro- and anglo-centric view of the written word. Hopefully this trend will continue and eventually creep down into K-12 instruction. What are your thoughts?

if kolleges r now doin away w/grammer and propper riting, 1 mite resonubly wunder what will b the nxt imprtnt thng 2 go.

Did you enjoy reading that sentence? You probably understood what I meant, only it took you twice as long, and instead of focusing on its ideas, you had to focus on its mistakes, correcting them in your mind,

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