Key ways Sullivan and Hayes differ on the economy and education in the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis that continues to stifle jobs and schools across the nation is a key dividing line in the race for Connecticut’s most competitive congressional district.

A New Fairfield prosecutor trying to be the first Republican to represent the 5th District since 2006 says the direction voters wanted when they elected Donald Trump president in 2016 is the way out of the COVID-19 crisis for people in northwestern and central Connecticut.

But U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes says the correction voters wanted when they elected her and a Democratic majority to the House of Representatives in 2018 is the way to help schools in need and get the economy back on its feet in Connecticut.

Republican challenger David X. Sullivan, a retired assistant

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Sullivan schools plan return to full in-person learning | Local News

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. — Students in Sullivan County Schools will soon be able to spend the full school week in their classrooms, thanks to a plan approved 5-2 by the county school board.

Starting Sept. 28, elementary and middle school students participating in hybrid learning will go from two to four days a week in classrooms. On Oct. 12, they’ll be able to attend school in person for the full week. Meanwhile, high schools will continue to offer hybrid learning until Oct. 19, when their students will be able to learn in person all five weekdays.

Sullivan County Schools Director Dr. David Cox said he proposed those changes due to a decrease in the community spread of COVID-19.

“Our community spread numbers have gotten to a much more

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