The Full Suburban: Online school is an education for parents, too

Well, this past couple of weeks have certainly been an education. As expected, online school is a whole other ball of wax than the real deal. Unlike our crash course in the spring, teachers, parents and students are much better equipped to handle virtual learning this time around.

There’s a daily schedule, an actual grading system in place and opportunities for students to learn in real time with their teachers and classmates sitting right in front of them on a computer screen. But still – it’s just not the same.

Consider the essay my second-grader wrote during Language Arts one day last week: “I do not like online school as much as school school. It is just bad sitting in a chair for six hours, sooooo boring. Sometimes I wonder if I will live to see another day. Crazy huh. But that is how bad it is!!! Horibl.”

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