Teacher’s tearful selfie video reveals struggles of online teaching amid COVID-19

A Florida teacher’s emotional video is sparking conversation as she described challenges she faces with online instruction amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kinder’s story was soon shared by local media outlets and she received messages from fellow educators who revealed their own struggles with remote teaching.

“I think I was at my breaking point,” Kinder told “Good Morning America.” “I’ve never recorded myself upset before. I didn’t think I was going to cry.”

“I feel like I’m failing my students because I can’t be there for them like I could in a classroom,” she added.

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Santa Fe district struggles to find volunteer teachers for hybrid learning | Education

Teaching vacancies at Santa Fe Public Schools are in line with previous years, even amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But the district is still struggling to find enough teachers to volunteer to reenter schools under a hybrid learning model it will implement later this month.

The district reported 21 teaching vacancies affecting 11 elementary, community and middle schools, and no principal or assistant principal openings Wednesday. Only one school had more than two openings, with Ortiz Middle School reporting seven as the first quarter of the year comes to a close Friday.

Superintendent Veronica García said the figure is on par with the average number of openings the district has had over the past several years.

“The numbers vary and the reasons vary,” García said. “We’ve worked hard at recruitment and retention, but this seems to have been our range as far as vacancies this year.”

Of the openings, six involved

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As campus crumbles and students flee, Venezuela’s main university struggles to survive COVID-19

CARACAS (Reuters) – The corridors are empty and silent at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), the country’s oldest and largest institution of higher education, as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the evacuation of its 32,000 students.

Chairs are seen at the Aula Magna of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), in Caracas, Venezuela September 25, 2020. REUTERS/Fausto Torrealba

The 298-year-old university is suffering not only the impact of the coronavirus quarantine, but also a six-year economic crisis that has left it struggling with a meager budget and the emigration of 30% of its graduates.

The deterioration of its infrastructure stood out in June with the partial collapse of the roof of an outdoor walkway that is a part of the iconic architecture of the complex, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

The institution’s troubles signal that Venezuela risks losing a generation of college graduates,

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One farmer finds answer to ESL students’ virtual learning struggles

BUCKEYE, Az. — Virtual classrooms are the new normal for many students, but for non-native speaking English students, trying to get good grades can be challenging in the best of times.

As classes turn virtual due to COVID-19, some students are being left behind.

Valeria Gonzalez, 11, told Fox News that her school in Buckeye, Az., doesn’t offer a virtual English as a second language (ESL) program. All of her classes are taught by an English speaking teacher with no Spanish translation.

Valeria Gonzalez, 11, is at risk of falling behind in school. She's struggling to understand her course work as her school doesn't offer a virtual ESL program for Spanish translation (Stephanie Bennett/Fox News).

Valeria Gonzalez, 11, is at risk of falling behind in school. She’s struggling to understand her course work as her school doesn’t offer a virtual ESL program for Spanish translation (Stephanie Bennett/Fox News).

Gonzalez said that since she only speaks Spanish, listening to a teacher all day in English makes learning hard.


But after hearing about some families’ struggles, farmer Carrie Mayfield

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