How Colleges Can Strengthen Security with a Defense-in-Depth Strategy

By necessity, universities have evolved beyond the old castle-and-moat approach to cybersecurity. In today’s highly distributed technology environment, firewalls alone cannot ensure student privacy or secure critical data.

With a proliferation of endpoints, the present push toward remote work and distance learning has heightened existing cyber risks for colleges and universities. “Traditional, ‘monolithic,’ approaches to cybersecurity are becoming less reliable,” says Richard Rudnicki, a Deloitte security specialist with 15 years of experience delivering cyber-risk and regulatory compliance solutions to higher education. “To address evolving risks, institutions should adopt multilayered approaches that involve people, process and technology.”

Known as defense in depth, this multilayered approach centers on redundancy. Having multiple layers of security controls is likely more effective than ensuring one layer is perfectly secure. Above all, the first layer of security starts with user education: Make sure all students and faculty understand the basics of safe internet use. Let’s examine

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UTEP, TTUHSC strengthen partnership for health research and education

The University of Texas at El Paso and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso recently announced a series of new initiatives to strengthen collaboration and expand health research involving faculty at both universities.

a man sitting at a desk and using a laptop computer: UTEP's Dr. Suman Sirimulla, professor of Medicinal Chemistry, is working on a cure for COVID-19 from his lab.

© Mark Lambie / El Paso Times
UTEP’s Dr. Suman Sirimulla, professor of Medicinal Chemistry, is working on a cure for COVID-19 from his lab.

These efforts will leverage the success of joint projects that have already taken place, including some that address the COVID-19 pandemic. They are also the direct product of a commitment made several months ago by both institutions to make it easier for our researchers and students to work together.


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One important component of this new phase of our partnership is a seed grant program designed to spur major research in areas such as

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