South Brunswick Board Of Education Profile: Smitha Raj

SOUTH BRUNSWICK — South Brunswick resident Smitha Raj is concerned about the falling ranking of district schools. “While the decline in our school performance is troubling, this also has a broader impact on our community as people find South Brunswick a less desirable community to raise their children,” said Raj.

Raj who works as a programmer has a PhD in economics. Along with Raja Krishna and Mike Mitchell, she is running for a seat in the Board of Education this Nov.3.

Raj tells Patch that she has plan to overcome challenges faced by the school system and improve the overall ranking of the district.

Read below to learn more about Raj and her platform for the upcoming elections in South Brunswick.

Name – Smitha Raj

Age (as of Election Day) – 39

Position Sought – Board of Education member

Does anyone in your family work in politics or government? No

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