Skills Connect to retrain people who have lost jobs

A new initiative is being launched today aimed at retraining individuals who have lost their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Details of the Skills Connect programme are to be announced by the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris. 

It is hoped the initiative will assist up to 2,000 people by the end of the year and will be aimed in particular at people in the hospitality, retail and tourism trade who are unemployed. 

The Irish Hotels’ Federation estimates that 100,000 people have lost their jobs across the industry already, but it is hoped that some of the job losses will be temporary. 

The Federation says tens of thousands more jobs are at risk as Level 3 restrictions come into effect across the country today for the next three weeks. 

The Skills Connect programme will give participants the chance to reskill and

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Advanced apprenticeships will boost skills for future jobs, but not in time to counter COVID impacts

The Australian government has released a series of manufacturing industry policies in the lead-up to the October 6 budget. Yesterday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke about a A$1.5 billion strategy to strengthen Australian manufacturing and supply chains. Last week, Education Minister Dan Tehan announced a A$7.2 million extension of advanced apprenticeship pilot programs across the country to teach students the high-level, specialist knowledge and skills they’ll need for industry jobs of the future.

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Scott Morrison names six priority areas in $1.5 billion plan to boost manufacturing

COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerabilities of Australian manufacturing. Recent research ranked Australia lowest in the OECD for manufacturing self-sufficiency.

The government wants to expand work-integrated learning. Its aim is to strengthen the link between training and future industry needs, and significantly lift workforce skills to meet the requirements of the digitally driven Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The investments in Australia’s future workforce, businesses

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Why It’s Worth Learning Outdoor Skills Like Rock Climbing Online

Summers ago, back in ‘the normal times,’ I attended the Arc’teryx Climbing Academy in Squamish, BC. It was a special few days, not only because of the nightly film screenings and live music, but for the excellent clinics with world-class guides at a fraction of the cost—not to mention the access to the professional athletes, who don’t typically teach climbing, and also instruct during the academy. Ahh, normal times.

Anchor building at last year’s climbing academy
Showcasing crack climbing techniques courtesy Arc’teryx

This year’s academy couldn’t happen in person, but Arc’teryx adapted to the now-COVID times, doing a remarkable job bringing the academy online. First were marquee film screenings—like the premiere of Free As Can Be, a film about Yosemite climbing legend Mark Hudon and rising pro Jordan Cannon’s friendship and ascents of Freerider on El Cap—as well as the annual photo competition. Although this year’s contest was a “compilation contest,” not produced by photographers during

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COVID-19 showed the need for workers to update skills

The launch of Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s new School of Continuing Education comes at an important time in our province’s history.

logo, company name: Saskatchewan Polytechnic wants workers to better their skills during COVID-19.

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Saskatchewan Polytechnic wants workers to better their skills during COVID-19.

Nearly every person and/or business in Saskatchewan has been affected by the disruption stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether this has meant a job loss or a scramble to find qualified employees, the pandemic accelerated a trend we have been witnessing for several years.

As my colleagues at Polytechnics Canada — a national association of Canada’s leading colleges, polytechnics and institutes of technology, which I chair — recently noted in a paper to the federal government on 2021 spending priorities: “Even before the pandemic, there was a need to retrain and upskill our mid-career workforce to keep up with changing skills requirements. In the post-pandemic recovery, rapid reskilling will become critical to ensuring we have the

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The ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’ is not new, we have long called for funding for adult education and retraining

The ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’ is not new, we have long called for funding for adult education and retraining

Beyond offering people fully funded routes into training, we also need a radical overhaul of technical training as a whole, writes Daisy Cooper MP. | PA Images

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Our proposals for ‘Skills Wallets’, to give everyone £10,000 to spend on education and training throughout their lives, was a cornerstone of the Liberal Democrat election manifesto in 2019.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hang heavy over our way of life, there are two competing priorities: fire-fighting each new crisis week after week, whilst also laying the building blocks for a “new normal”, and a new economy.

But with wave after wave of job losses, businesses folding, and working life changed with the shift to more home-based online working, perhaps forever, the pace of change in the jobs market is unprecedented. For many people – not least those in the middle of, or

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Power Up Kids’ Home Learning Skills for Now and Later

Although we all hoped that the pandemic impact on kids’ schooling would decrease for the new school year, it has not. As I wrote in my post, Coping With Your Kids’ Transition to Home and Online Learning, “The transition from classroom-based to full or partial online remote instruction and other home learning was abrupt and unexpected. Parents, along with kids and teachers, are facing new challenges and opportunities.” Indeed, as this school year progresses, these challenges and opportunities accelerate.

Strengthen the ongoing developing tools in your kids’ brains for now and their future

In that previous post, I promised to provide more suggestions about increasing kids’ motivation and joyful connections to remote learning. Let’s explore some of these challenges and options. Most remote learning situations require even the youngest kids to take more responsibility for their learning, planning, and attention focus and for longer periods of time. For the many

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Florida Department of Education Taps Pioneering Nonprofit to Boost Entrepreneurial Skills, Mindset for High School Students

BARRINGTON, Ill., Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Uncharted Learning, a national nonprofit committed to helping students develop resilience and problem solving skills through entrepreneurship today announced its collaboration with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) and the Florida Association of Career and Technical Education (FACTE) as part of the state’s effort to give more students access to high-quality courses that develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. Through the program, FLDOE is investing $1 million in entrepreneurial education, including grants to K-12 school districts and secondary schools that want to offer entrepreneurship programs.

Uncharted Learning has been selected as one of two organizations that will share best practices for developing entrepreneurship education and training programs in K-12 schools and tips for completing the grant applications. Beginning Sept. 29, FLDOE and FACTE will host a series of webinars for school districts and Florida College System institutions interested in submitting grant applications.

Read More Includes Essential Skills for Remote Learning in EasyTech

To prepare students for success in a remote learning environment, is adding remote learning lessons to its EasyTech content library. Based on real-life applications and digital tools, lessons in Essential Skills for Remote Learning guide students through technical concepts in a fun, game-based environment.

“The latest addition to EasyTech is designed to help both teachers and students navigate online learning this year, ensuring they are able to reap all of the benefits that online tools can provide,” said Keith Oelrich, CEO at “A majority of teachers strongly agree that digital learning tools are a valuable part of today’s classroom – it’s critical that they are set up for success and able to support students in a variety of environments.”

EasyTech’s “Essential Skills for Remote Learning” are as follows:

  • Remote Learning Essentials: Teach students how to communicate virtually and troubleshoot their tech issues independently.
  • Word Processing: Develop students’ proficiency
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Can extracurriculars activities and skills really be taught online?

a person sitting at a table using a laptop: Can extracurriculars, skills and instruments really be taught online? Let's find out.

Can extracurriculars, skills and instruments really be taught online? Let’s find out.

Not so long ago, career fields were pre-decided by parents and teachers; either you can be an engineer, a doctor, a chartered accountant, or an MBA, this more or less sums it up. Career choices like a chef, a chess player, a fashion designer, a painter, and even a ballet-dancer were thoroughly recognised and well-acknowledged only in the second decade of the 21st century.

What we are seeing in 2020 is that the adaption towards digital academic and skills learning has grown immensely across the country and globally. Even before the pandemic, the global e-learning market was already seeing massive annual growth.

While learning math and science online wasn’t taken seriously five years ago, today, online education is mainstream and rapidly evolving. The conservative Indian parents are now more comfortable and supportive of sharing laptops and tablets as

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Cengage Announces Expansion of Online Skills Business to Meet Growing Demand for Workforce Development and Reskilling

BOSTON, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Well-positioned to meet the surging demand for online certificates and micro-credentials, Cengage, an education and technology company, today announced plans to expand its Online Skills business. Through its current ed2go business, Cengage is already a recognized leading provider of online instructor-facilitated courses and career training programs for the adult continuing education and training markets. Leveraging its portfolio of globally recognized content and deep understanding of the digital learning experience, Cengage aims to build on current success and greatly broaden its offering in this rapidly growing segment.

“At Cengage, our mission has always been to meet students where they are and ensure they have access to affordable, high-quality learning materials that can help them succeed,” said Michael E. Hansen, CEO, Cengage. “The need for continued career training and reskilling as individuals progress in their career is becoming essential for advancement. We see this

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