Public Views About Science in Russia

This roundup of findings shows public views about science-related issues and the role of science in Russian society. The findings come from a Pew Research Center survey conducted across 20 publics in Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Russia, the U.S., Canada and Brazil from October 2019 to March 2020.

Ratings of medical treatments, scientific achievements and STEM education in Russia

Majorities in most of the 20 publics surveyed saw their medical treatments in a favorable light on the eve of the global pandemic. Medical treatments were often seen more favorably than achievements in other areas.

Chart shows views on how Russia compares on medical treatments, scientific achievements and other areas

Across the 20 publics, a median of 59% say their medical treatments are at least above average. In Russia, only 21% think their country’s medical treatments are the best in the world or above average. About four-in-ten Russians (37%) think their medical treatments are below average.

Overall, 42% of Russians view

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