How to Keep Old Debts From Deterring Returning Students

Society, too, loses out.

To solve a problem it helps to have a name for it, and this report provides that and also defines the scope. Until now, both of those pieces had been missing.

This is also a bit of a personal milestone. According to Catharine (Cappy) Bond Hill, Ithaka S+R’s managing director, the report is the direct result of a discussion that began in a session I hosted at SXSW EDU in 2018 with Hadass Sheffer, an adult-student advocate. We talked about the barriers to returning to college I’d just described in my report “The Adult Student.” Hill was there and connected with Sheffer, which ultimately prompted Ithaka to tackle the issue from a policy perspective. (Yeah, things don’t always move that fast in higher-ed wonk world, but hey, I’ll count this as progress.)

The term “stranded credits” came up during that SXSW EDU session, Hill thinks, though

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Fairfax County families with special needs talk about students returning to the classroom

 Schools across our region are planning to slowly re-open. 

In Fairfax County, some of the first students who will be returning to the classroom later this fall will be students with special needs.

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Brianne Russell-Morris’ daughter Elizabeth is on the autism spectrum and has ADHD.

“There are a lot of meltdowns that come out of the technology not working,” said Russell-Morris, who is a member of Parents of Autistic Children of Northern Virginia. “[Elizabeth] wants to be independent, but I will see her kind of staring off into space and not really following along with what she is supposed to be doing.”

The Fairfax County School Board approved a plan to phase-in classroom instruction for 3.5% of the FCPS student body, or more than 6.700 students, who are experiencing more challenges with distance learning.

You can

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