HON Education Solutions Support The Learning Renaissance

MUSCATINE, Iowa, Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Keeping pace with technological advancements, changes in generational preferences, and advancements in research to understand how children best learn means that education practices and facilities cannot remain stagnant. With a well-rounded portfolio of products designed to support the shift in how students learn and connect with others, The HON Company delivers solutions that help students, faculty and administrators achieve their full potential.

Substantial changes in education trends in recent years show that every space has the potential to become a learning space. There is no longer the expectation that students sit in symmetrical rows day after day while facing the teacher who is writing on the chalkboard at the front of the room. In today’s space, students are in a constant flow of working on this and then moving on to that. This constant movement requires furniture that supports change and can be

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UA Presents changes its name, mission as part of its ‘renaissance’ | Entertainment

Arizona Arts Live 2020-21 season

What: Arizona Arts Live replaces UA Presents as the University of Arizona arts presenter. It kicks off its inaugural season in October.

Tickets: Prices as listed and available at arizonaartslive.com

The season:

• Oct. 29-Nov. 29, “Monuments”: Australian artmaker Craig Walsh challenges the traditional concept of monuments as homages to long dead heroes and instead celebrates the living, commemorating Southern Arizona’s unsung heroes for their contributions to the community. Each night in the trees on the University of Arizona campus, visitors can see projected images of local heroes and learn their stories. Free.

• Nov. 10-24, 600 Highway Men’s ​”A Thousand Ways​, Act 1,” over a telephone: The opening act of a three-part performance art piece that engages audience members “with their words, actions, gestures, silence and thoughts.” Here’s how it works: Two people who have never met, guided by prompts, questions and a

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