How this ERP solutions provider is redefining the online education system

The outbreak of covid-19 is seething over the world. It has wreaked havoc in the education system with the closure of academic institutions. Due to no physical movement, the structure of teaching, assessing, and management of administrative operations are predominantly affected. It has reminded the Indian education system to realise the need for a rigorous transformation. 

According to the estimates of UNESCO, the shutdown orders due to the ongoing pandemic situation have affected more than 1.5 billion students and 63 million teachers across 188 countries. The critical situation that emerged due to the exacerbating crisis has resulted in a radical shift from offline teaching methods to online learning at all levels. With everything being virtual, the schools and colleges are leveraging new age technology solutions to empower remote learning for students of all age groups.

MasterSoft, a ERP solutions provider in the country takes on streamlining the everyday work processes

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