Boise State won’t switch to online learning despite White House coronavirus task force recommendation

The university said in a statement it is increasing testing and contact tracing, adding that the classroom is the safest place for a student.

BOISE, Idaho — A White House Coronavirus Task Force report is recommending Boise State University and two other universities switch to online or remote learning.

The Task Force is making this recommendation due to the high positivity rate among college age students in the counties where the universities are located in.

Boise State University released a statement on Friday stating it will not be switching to online learning. However, the university does plan on ramping up testing, education on preventing the spread of COVID-19, and contact tracing.

The main reason why the task force report recommended a switch to online learning for the school is because of the rate of 18-24-year old’s testing positive for COVID-19.

In Ada County, the report states the test positivity rate

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TPS parents push for district to return to in-person learning; superintendent’s recommendation to be made Monday | Education

Deere said she plans to attend Monday’s rally because she doesn’t believe the numerous emails sent to board members and administrators are working. She said she hopes that if enough people show up in force, then the district might listen.

But if TPS decides to stick with distance learning, she said her plan is to transfer her children out of the district. That outcome would be especially devastating to her son, who attends Thoreau Demonstration Academy and who would lose his spot if he leaves.

“They just can’t keep doing distance learning,” Deere said. “My boys seem to be coping a bit better, but my daughter, she’s not.”

Danny Daniels, whose son attends Eisenhower International School, is pushing for the district to abandon district learning because of the lack of social interaction between students and their teachers and peers.

Like Deere, Daniels said he thinks the best way for families

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