The Power of Cross-Disciplinary Thinking

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Deep expertise is vital. If you’re reading (or writing for) a publication like this one, it’s a good bet you believe that. At the same time, there is a certain kind of thinker whose work sits between or across seemingly disconnected disciplines. There is something about these cross-disciplinary types that has always attracted me, no least of which is their propensity for coming up with creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Mateusz Grzesiak—or “Dr. Matt,” as he is more commonly known, is one such cross-disciplinary thinker who has decided to apply his creativity to the endeavor of optimizing personal and professional fulfillment and productivity. In addition to pursuing advanced degrees in psychology, law, and economics, he started his eclectic approach to education early, reading everything from Russian poetry to German philosophy.

Today he consults with Fortune 500 brands, writes books, and works with individuals on everything from

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US Dept of Education Supports Initiative to Give Educators More Power in Edtech Decision-Making

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LearnPlatform, which is now used by schools and districts serving more than 4 million students to organize, streamline and analyze their edtech, today announced that it has received a second federal grant to expand a program that helps educators share information, and make better-informed decisions, about the education technology tools they use in their classrooms.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, through the research-focused Institute of Education Sciences (IES), has awarded $874,803 to the Learn – Implementation in Context (Learn-IXC) initiative, a project led by LearnPlatform, to understand the context in which technologies work best. LearnPlatform, whose edtech effectiveness system is widely adopted by educators, districts and states, is a for-benefit research organization committed to expanding equitable access for all students to the teaching and technology that works best for them.

This is the second time IES

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Its Power of Resolving Crisis is What Makes Gandhism Relevant in Today’s Times

a man standing in front of a window: Its Power of Resolving Crisis is What Makes Gandhism Relevant in Today’s Times

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Its Power of Resolving Crisis is What Makes Gandhism Relevant in Today’s Times

The essence of ‘Gandhi-ism’ is peace and nonviolence, extending but not limiting itself to goodness, creative thinking, and efficient admin. Certain quarters may subscribe to the idea that ‘Gandhism’ is not practicable in today’s world. In reality, the virtues preached and practiced by Mahatma Gandhi espouse the very eternal whose relevance transcend the barriers of time and geography.

This omnipresence in both temporal and spatial dimensions can be substantiated by the fact that it can serve as an ideal for movements in lands where human right were and are routinely abused. He rules in the inner consciousness of all conscientious people though most of us are either oblivious of this existence or simply choose to ignore. Gandhi as a personality is immense but far more gigantic is the philosophy that bears his name.

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Power Up Kids’ Home Learning Skills for Now and Later

Although we all hoped that the pandemic impact on kids’ schooling would decrease for the new school year, it has not. As I wrote in my post, Coping With Your Kids’ Transition to Home and Online Learning, “The transition from classroom-based to full or partial online remote instruction and other home learning was abrupt and unexpected. Parents, along with kids and teachers, are facing new challenges and opportunities.” Indeed, as this school year progresses, these challenges and opportunities accelerate.

Strengthen the ongoing developing tools in your kids’ brains for now and their future

In that previous post, I promised to provide more suggestions about increasing kids’ motivation and joyful connections to remote learning. Let’s explore some of these challenges and options. Most remote learning situations require even the youngest kids to take more responsibility for their learning, planning, and attention focus and for longer periods of time. For the many

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Tapping the Power of Data to Improve Community Health | National News

Implementing smart strategies to improve community health requires understanding and targeting all of the social determinants affecting it, from economic and educational opportunity to housing and food security. That requires effective use of data, both to figure out precisely what the risks are and to create targeted interventions that will actually work.

That was the key message emerging from “Assessing the Power of Data to Track Community Health,” a webinar hosted by U.S. News & World Report as part of the virtual Community Health Leadership Forum that began last week. A panel of experts demonstrated the potential of data to identify risks in a given community – around food and housing, for example – and to point the way to effective responses.

Using data to drive decisions allows us to “invest thoughtfully – in the right places, in the right ways – to make real impact for people,” said Trenor

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The Power Line Show, Ep 216: The Recovery of Family Life, with Scott Yenor

We’re delighted to bring Scott Yenor to the show this week to discuss his important new book, The Recovery of Family Life: Exposing the Limits of Modern Ideologies, which is being officially released tomorrow from Baylor University Press. Unlike many other fine books on the family today that rely chiefly on social science, Scott brings his immense learning in political philosophy to bear on family questions, from Plato and Aristotle through to de Tocqueville—and even Russian novels.

Yenor takes us through a grand tour of the “rolling revolution” wrought by the ideologies of sexual liberation and unlimited individual autonomy over recent decades, which has led to, among other things, the degradation of love, and a civilization-threatening collapse in the birth rate. Scott has some thoughts on what policy makers can do to reinforce strong family life.

Our conversation ranges widely over the controversies Scott has had to weather on campus

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Selling Power Honors ValueSelling Associates in its First Top 20 Online Sales Training Company Listing

The Daily Beast

The Kid Who Masterminded El Chapo’s Secret Phone Network

It came in off the street one day—a tip, a lead, a rumor—whatever you cared to call it, it was one of the strangest things they had heard in their careers. Chapo Guzmán, the world-famous drug lord, had hired a young IT guy and the kid had built him a sophisticated system of high-end cell phones and secret servers, all of it ingeniously encrypted.The unconfirmed report—perhaps that was the best way to describe it—had arrived that Friday in June 2009 when a tipster walked into the lobby of the FBI’s field division office in New York. After his story had been vetted downstairs, it made its way up seven flights of stairs and landed with a curious thud among the crowded cubicles of C-23, the Latin American drug squad. For more than thirty years, the elite team of

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Science untangles the elusive power and influence of hope in our lives

On Erin Gruwell’s first day as a high school English teacher, she faced a classroom of 150 “at risk” freshmen. Most of these kids, statistically, were going to fail. They were tough, their young lives already defined by poverty, gangs, violence and low expectations. These students, she wrote, knew nearly every “four-letter word” except one: hope.

Yet four years later, every one of her “at risk” students at Wilson High School in Long Beach, CA, had graduated from high school. More than half went on to graduate from college. The stories written by Gruwell’s students were published as a book called “The Freedom Writers Diary”. It became a New York Times bestseller and in 2007 was made into a major motion picture called “Freedom Writers” starring Hilary Swank.

Hope can be a catalyst for drive, determination and success.
Graduation carries many messages of hope.
Photo by Marleena Garris for Unsplash., CC BY-ND

Gruwell taught English but also taught them an

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