Why IBM’s Ginni Rometty has me thinking about the future of post-secondary learning

Last week, we were thrilled to have IBM executive chair Ginni Rometty join us virtually for an insightful conversation with RBC leaders. She’s been a source of personal inspiration for many years, including her work to change the way companies hire, reskill and train talent.

One of the biggest takeaways from our discussion:

Ginni says the half-life of most specialized skills nowadays lasts just five years. That means today, a four-year degree isn’t the end of a graduate’s education journey, but rather just the beginning. And for Ginni, that’s why “propensity to learn” is one of the most critical attributes she believes companies should look for when hiring talent.

She’s absolutely right, and that has me reflecting again about the skills gap challenge we still need to address in Canada’s workplaces and classrooms.

We have an historic opportunity in front of us to take a more progressive approach to lifelong

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Coronavirus: Calgary post-secondary students react to 1st month of online learning – Calgary

It has been approximately one month since post-secondary students headed back to school, most of them online.

On Friday, the University of Calgary announced it was planning to increase the amount of in-class learning for the winter semester from 20 percent to 30 percent.

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Coronavirus: Calgary post-secondary students move into reduced-capacity dorms

Marley Gillies, vice-president of the University of Calgary Students’ Union, said the quick transition to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic was tough.

“The adjustment in the winter semester was really difficult,” said Gillies. “The switch was hard”.

Gillies said while the campus is quiet, behind the scenes, students are busy, and the union is encouraging them to take advantage of clubs still taking place online.

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“We’re hoping that it helps ease the adjustment and make it easier for students to complete their education and still have a social life,” Gillies said.

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Chegg Will Profit From The Transformation Of Postsecondary Education (NYSE:CHGG)

(Source: Chegg)

Chegg, Inc. (CHGG) is known for its “students first” mandate, providing low-cost educational support services for university and college students, and also providing textbooks at a low cost. Services, referred to as Chegg Services, consist of “Chegg Study, Chegg Writing, Chegg Tutors, Chegg Math Solver, Thinkful, and Mathway”. The other area of business, that the company refers to as Required Materials consists of low-cost textbook sale/rentals and also eTextbooks. Chegg partners with several third parties, including MacMillan, McGraw Hill, and Cengage Learning.

Being an online educational service for students, Chegg has been a major beneficiary of the education system shutdown last spring due to the pandemic. In fact, revenue jumped 57% YoY for Q2 2020, which ended in June.

(Source: Chegg)

The exciting part is that online postsecondary education is set to explode this fall, as students have few options other than online learning, without skipping a year.

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