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U Phoenix E-Textbook Pilot Improves Adult Math Engagement

A pilot at the University of Phoenix found that a well-designed interactive textbook can help people stick with their math studies. The university worked with zyBooks from John Wiley & Sons in a two-course undergraduate sequence on quantitative reasoning.

The pilot began in October 2019 and was transitioned into full implementation beginning in December 2019. The adoption involved 800-plus adult learners with an average age in the mid-30s.

ZyBooks are applications that replace traditional textbooks with a combination of interactive tools, animations, questions integrated into the content and, for some subjects, embedded coding tools, to increase student engagement in STEM subjects.

The quantitative reasoning course is intended to teach students how to apply advanced reasoning skills to solve real-world problems. To reduce math anxiety and make the material more relatable, the university’s College of General

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