Amy Coney Barrett Faces Questions On Her Philosophy From Senate Judiciary Committee

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President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is facing questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee today. She is an originalist like her mentor, the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. But she told the committee today that while she admires him, she will not be his imitation on the court.


AMY CONEY BARRETT: If I’m confirmed, you would not be getting Justice Scalia. You would be getting Justice Barrett.

SHAPIRO: NPR congressional correspondent Susan Davis is part of our team covering the hearings, and she joins us now.

Hi, Sue.


SHAPIRO: These are grueling marathons for any nominee. How’s Judge Barrett doing so far?

DAVIS: You know, she is very poised and calm. She’s been sitting very still at the table with her hands folded in her lap, almost motionless

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Webinar on Gandhi’s philosophy of nation-building | India Education,Education News India,Education News

Aligarh: “Mahatma Gandhi gave top priority to the interest of the nation and made efforts for the emotional integration of India as one nation”, said Prof Satish Kumar (National Coordinator, Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi), while delivering a lecture in a webinar on “Philosophy of Gandhi for Nation Building”, organized by the Centre of Distance Education, Aligarh Muslim University. The webinar was organized as part of the weeklong celebrations on Gandhi Jayanti.

Prof Kumar said Gandhi called the people of India as ‘children of Bharat Mata’ and worked all his life for a tolerant and united India that included all communities in its fold.

Prof Akbar Husain (Former Dean, Faculty of Arts) revisited the transforming incidents of Gandhi’s life and recalled his efforts as a forerunner of the Indian freedom struggle.

Earlier, Prof Mohd Nafees Ahmad Ansari (Director, CDE) welcomed the guests and underlined the objective

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Private, public schools differ in return-to-play philosophy | Guam Sports

With the novel coronavirus pandemic approaching the seven-month mark and as the island remains in Pandemic Condition of Readiness 1, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero recently signed an executive order allowing golf, tennis, scuba diving and gyms to resume activity. In a subsequent order, the governor paved the way for sports organizations to submit startup plans for noncontact training to the Department of Public Health and Social Services.

As tennis players, golfers, denizens of the deep and sporting organizations rejoiced, the executive orders gave the island’s sports chiefs hope that interscholastic competition may be nearing, although the government gave no indication when that might happen.

“Having been in lockdown for four weeks, five weeks, any news concerning the ability for students” to participate in sports “is uplifting information,” said Terry Debold, the president of the Independent Interscholastic Athletic Association of Guam, the nonprofit organization that manages private school sports. “It’s great,

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With Amy Coney Barrett, a once-fringe legal philosophy goes mainstream

Before she joined 100 fellow law students at the Blackstone Legal Fellowship, Leah Boyd, now a practicing attorney in Amarillo, Texas, felt discouraged and hopeless in her first year of law school.

These were the people who were going to be shaping the laws and the culture in the United States, she said in a 2015 video promoting the fellowship, “and they have absolutely no moral compass.”

“Just to know that I was not alone was encouraging, and helped me to not give up,” she added.

The Blackstone fellowship, organized for 20 years by the nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom, aims to train Christian lawyers to “foster legal systems that fully protect our God-given rights.” The program’s student and teacher alumni now include dozens of law clerks, a U.S. senator, and at least six federal judges – most notably Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who could soon become the youngest member of

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New Zealand Initiative calls for revamp of ‘unscientific’ curriculum and child-led philosophy

The New Zealand Initiative is calling for a revamp of New Zealand’s curriculum

taylor wilcox/unsplash

The New Zealand Initiative is calling for a revamp of New Zealand’s curriculum

A Wellington-based think tank has called for a revamp of New Zealand’s curriculum, describing the current system as unscientific and the cause of a decline in student achievement.

The New Zealand Initiative argues the curriculum should be evidence based rather than based on the “philosophy” of child-centred learning.

Author Briar Lipson said despite a rise in per-pupil spending, New Zealand’s international achievement rates had been falling.

According to the report, New Zealand’s Education Delusion: How bad ideas ruined a once world-leading school system, in the year 2000 the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), ranked New Zealand 15-year olds as third in the OECD for reading and maths, and sixth for science literacy.

* Election 2020: Can you answer these civics questions? Many voters can’t, study finds
* Education’s leaning tower: Does the

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6th World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy 2020 concludes with Declaration of The Dalai Lama Chair | India Education,Education News India,Education News

Mumbai: The 6th World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy 2020, held from 2nd October 2020 to 4th October 2020, was successfully concluded with global leaders appealing to the youth for world peace and spreading harmony and positivity during the times of the pandemic. The virtual summit culminated with the declaration of The Dalai Lama Chair, hosted by MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) at the backdrop of the World Peace Dome along with an engaging discussion on the importance of Indic Studies/The Dalai Lama Studies for Future Of World Peace, which was the key highlight of the day.

Addressing Global Issues

The three-day summit was a great success and saw a host of attendees and stalwarts addressing global issues, such as the need for the eradication of Biological and Chemical Weapons, Climate Change – Impact on World Peace, amongst others. Another prominent issue, which was highlighted was that of COVID-19,

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which childcare philosophy is best for your family?

Up to 90% of brain development occurs in the first five years of life. Early learning matters, and creates a solid foundation for future development.

Philosophical underpinnings in early education matter too. They influence the interactions between teachers and children, the environment design and beliefs about how children learn.

The demographic diversity of Australia means no single early learning philosophy will suit everyone. Parents can find it difficult choosing a service given the plethora on offer.

Below are three of the best known alternative educational philosophies used in early childhood education in Australia.

Steiner (Waldorf)

Steiner education (also known as Waldorf) is based on Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy. It originated in Germany in the early 20th century.

It is focused on self-directed learning, based on children’s interests. Steiner education encourages self-motivated learning that supports and encourages problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

When learning is self-directed, children’s motivation

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Quarantine ‘non-decision’ stemmed from flawed bureaucratic philosophy


It was also an indirect way of breaking up those pesky, unionised workforces within governments, such as the Commonwealth Employment Service or the tramways employees.

So throughout the Kennett and Howard eras, most public services, from electricity to prisons, from childcare to aged care, were privatised, often through contracting-out processes.

According to the gurus of the NPM movement, government’s new role in service delivery was to “steer not row”. And when Labor governments – Rudd in Canberra and Bracks in Victoria – were returned, they apparently saw no reason to abandon NPM.

Contracting out went hand in hand with the use of another less well-known but very powerful strategy, the elevation of the content-free manager.

NPM disliked specialist managers, those who were either trained in their field or very experienced, or both. Professionals such as doctors and social workers who were also specialist managers held other loyalties, beyond holding

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Jihadist regime forbids philosophy in Syria’s Idlib

Oct 3, 2020

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, which controls almost the entirety of Syria’s Idlib province, forbids philosophy and related courses in the universities of the area. 

HTS did not allow the University of Idlib, which is run by its Syrian Salvation Government to open a philosophy department. It also banned any philosophical forums or cultural events as well as publications about philosophy.  

The group’s critics, including activists from the Syrian revolution and academics who do not live under its scope of control, consider banning philosophy part of HTS’ ideological war on critical thinking.

HTS seized the province of Idlib in early 2019 after defeating the Nour al-din al-Zenki Movement, which controlled areas in the western countryside of Aleppo. Its formation of the government meant that no other factions had a say in the management of Idlib.

HTS was designated as a terrorist organization by the United States and the United

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CSR as Business Philosophy – THISDAYLIVE

Eight years after instituting its corporate social responsibility project, a Lagos agency, X3M Ideas, has consistently used it to galvanise support for societal development. Raheem Akingbolu reports.

The place of corporate social responsibility in business was recently revisited in Lagos when a creative agency – X3M Ideas, inaugurated a significant project to help pupils battle the enduring coronavirus which has kept them away from their school for months.

Top government functionaries in Lagos and some players in the business community, who witnessed the handing over of wash hand station facility and Glo MiFi internet modems with unlimited data, to Opebi Senior High School, Opebi – Ikeja, Lagos to further combat the dreaded Covid-19 and safeguard the health of the students’ population, took turn to deepen discussions around CSR concept.

Since the year 2012, when X3M Ideas, commemorated its first anniversary with a unique art of giving by renovating and handing

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