Prem Rawat Meets with Italian Officials to Consider Peace Education Program in Correctional Facilities

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Prem Rawat recently met with officials at the Italian Senate in Rome to speak about how the Peace Education Program can help foster personal rehabilitation in correctional facilities and beyond.

The founder of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) created the innovative workshop series to help people discover their own inner strength and personal peace. Since 2012, the Peace Education Program has been offered in more than 683 correctional facilities across the globe, winning praise from officials for improving attitudes and behavior. The program has been successful at several locations in Italy, including the Venice Santa Maria Maggiore and Pagliarelli prisons, and officials are considering an expansion to include many more facilities throughout the country.

Joining Prem Rawat on September 25 at the Italian Senate were Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede, Arnaldo Lomuti of the Senate Justice Committee, and Alessandra Maiorino

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Former Taliban hostage Tim Weeks urges Australians to educate themselves about conflict at Rotary’s World Peace Day Ceremony | The Canberra Times

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Former Taliban hostage Tim Weeks has used the keynote speech at Rotary’s World Peace Day Ceremony to call on Australians to be compassionate and think critically about international conflict. Mr Weeks was held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan for three years before returning to Australia as part of a prisoner swap in 2019. “Peace seemed like an unrealistic goal for me to achieve for my own self, let alone to begin to talk on the matter of world peace,” he said. “For me peace is not the image of a dove or a rainbow, as lovely as they are … peace is a sustainable peace with justice and equality for all.” He said despite suffering at the hands of his Taliban captors, he grew to love the Afghan people. Mr Weeks called upon Australians to educate themselves further about

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