Hawaii to stop using online program after parent complaints

The department “recognizes the curriculum does contain content that reviewers found acceptable and aligned to standards, and will be working with schools that use Acellus to identify and leverage such content, as appropriate,” the letter said.

Acellus representatives didn’t return phone messages from The Associated Press Monday and Tuesday.

Schools across the nation use Acellus, according to the Missouri-based company.

Parental complaints have prompted schools in other states to drop the program.

“During the summer months, in an effort to respond quickly, Acellus was offered to families reluctant to physically send their child to school when the school year opened,” Kishimoto’s letter said.

Complaints included misspelling and mispronunciation of Queen Liliʻuokalani — the last monarch to rule the Hawaiian Kingdom — and racist depictions of Black Americans and Islamophobic stereotypes. Some have also complained the program lacks rigor.

School officials are working on a transition plan, Kishimoto’s letter said: “It

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Battle Ground schools Parent Academy helps families navigate kids’ virtual learning

Cassondra Smith’s office looks more like a semi-pro film studio these days, complete with a glowing ring light and heavy-duty microphone.

The Vancouver woman is an educational technology coach for Battle Ground Public Schools, a job whose pandemic purpose is evident in her title. Usually, Smith is working to help teachers navigate their classroom websites and digital assignments. In this time of virtual learning from home, she’s busier than ever.

“With distance learning it is very challenging trying to get students to access their assignments, to connect with their teachers,” Smith said. “Things are just brand new right now.”

For frazzled families, there can be no greater barrier to virtual learning than connecting to classes. It’s why Battle Ground Public Schools launched its Parent Academy program this school year, giving parents class work of their own to help them navigate virtual learning.

Smith is among those teachers spending a few

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Teacher to Parent – Education is supposed to open doors, not close them | Teacher to Parent

Q: I’ve read that some colleges now are minimizing the importance of grammar rules in writing as a way to alleviate systemic racism against people of color. Previously, writing instruction has handicapped students from non-standard language backgrounds. Now there is a movement toward empowering these marginalized students to make grammatical choices that challenge standard conventions and push back against prejudices that are based on a euro- and anglo-centric view of the written word. Hopefully this trend will continue and eventually creep down into K-12 instruction. What are your thoughts?

if kolleges r now doin away w/grammer and propper riting, 1 mite resonubly wunder what will b the nxt imprtnt thng 2 go.

Did you enjoy reading that sentence? You probably understood what I meant, only it took you twice as long, and instead of focusing on its ideas, you had to focus on its mistakes, correcting them in your mind,

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