Covid-19, 4IR and the breakneck pace at which higher ed…

The Covid-19 pandemic and the Fourth Industrial Revolution have confronted us with a paradigm shift unlike any other seen before – not just on the future of education, but on the future of work. The 4IR is no longer an abstract concept that is somewhere in the future.

In recent years, conversations on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) have been coupled with debates around higher education. If all industries are fundamentally transforming, what does this mean for the education sector? While the debates raged on, we were confronted with a new global order, when Covid-19 began spreading through the globe. The impact was swift and arguably, quite harsh. As countries began locking down, economies came to a standstill. Schools, higher education institutions and the companies that could, shifted to remote methods of learning, teaching and working. Where the shift could not be made, jobs bled.

Universities serve as microcosms of

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