Newton high school robotics team cracks the code for making virtual learning fun

“I had to put myself in the shoes of a third-grader who is sitting at a computer at home and wants to be told a story,” Skyler Bohnert, a Newton North High School senior who taught a history class at the camp, said. “They don’t want to be lectured at, they don’t want to take a test, but they want to be involved in a conversation about something they find interesting.”

Kavya Ajaykumar, a sophomore at Newton North High School and a co-founder of Camp AMP, said background noises and technological challenges can make it difficult for students to speak naturally to their classmates and teacher over Zoom and socialize with each other and feel a sense of community.

Ajaykumar said they staffed Camp AMP entirely with high school students because they had firsthand experience of abruptly transitioning to online learning when schools closed in March. Focusing on facilitated class

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