Promote multilingualism in education | The Star

As the laws permit considerable discretion and flexibility, it is ultimately a matter of wisdom, political courage and educational vision.

MALAYSIAN Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan believes poor command of the English language among many Bumiputra graduates is the main reason why they find it hard to get jobs in the private sector, which accounts for 90% of employment in the country.

Our political and educational leaders must take note of this view and accept that felicity with additional languages, especially English and Mandarin, will in no way undermine the sovereign status of our national language and will, instead, open up new possibilities for job seekers in our globalised and digitalised economy.

The purpose of this note is to reveal that there is no constitutional or legal bar to the vigorous promotion of bilingualism or multilingualism in our educational system at the kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

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