Arsenic levels fall since mining end

Arsenic levels fall since mining end

Learning disabilities also down: survey

A new finalised study that was completed in 2019 has found that the levels of arsenic in children living near a gold mine that was shut three years ago dropped sharply since an earlier study in 2016.

The study corresponded with a significant decrease in learning disabilities that were linked to the children’s exposure to the poisonous chemical element.

The study was carried out last year on about 200 Prathom 4-6 students in six schools in Phichit, Phitsanulok and Phetchabun, in areas that surrounded the former location of a gold mine that was shut down three years before that.

It found only 4.5% of these students were found to still have high levels of arsenic, 12 times lower than that (36.1%) found in a previous study carried out in 2016 before the gold mine was shutdown.

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