Midland Online Academy will be overhauled

Midland ISD’s efforts to educate students online have not been meeting the community’s expectations for academic rigor, starting with the district’s online academy, Interim Superintendent Ann Dixon said on Thursday.

Her assessment is in line with comments from district leaders, parents, campus leaders and teachers about the problems with Midland ISD Online Academy.

During this week’s school board meeting, district leaders pressed central office staff about deficiencies in the academy, including staffing and academic achievement issues. Some of those issues came to light Thursday, as Dixon told the Reporter-Telegram the failure rate in Midland ISD Online Academy was running between 60 and 70 percent. She also said that while the high school attendance rate typically averages around 96 percent, it has been around 90 percent for those participating online.

Other issues are problems with teacher scheduling, the inability to monitor student participation and breaks from protocols, including reports that some

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