Chronic Pain Striking Middle-Aged Americans With Less Education

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Experts say a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet and regular exercise can help lower chronic pain levels. Getty Images
  • Researchers say people in the United States without a college degree report more chronic pain than people who are college graduates.
  • They say lower education many times is linked to socioeconomic stressors that can lead to chronic pain.
  • They add that many people with lower education levels don’t have adequate healthcare services.

Middle-aged Americans without a 4-year college degree are reporting more pain than older adults.

A new study has revealed that lower educated people in the United States are experiencing an intergenerational increase in pain, with each age group experiencing more pain than generations before them.

The same pattern wasn’t seen for people with a bachelor’s degree.

“In America today, the elderly report less pain than those in midlife. This is the mystery of American pain,”

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