Use Holocaust memorial funds to educate instead, Rabbi says | World news

Funds earmarked for a national Holocaust memorial in Westminster would be more effectively spent on educating people about the murder of six million Jews in the second world war, a rabbi has told a public inquiry.

Rabbi Jonathan Romain of Maidenhead synagogue told the inquiry into a planning application for the memorial next to the Houses of Parliament that “monuments do not combat antisemitism”.

“The substantial cost of the proposed memorial … could be better used. If £100m – or maybe it has now risen even higher – went into Holocaust education nationally, rather than a London-centric edifice – that would have far greater impact,” he said.

There was no point in duplicating the Holocaust wing at the nearby Imperial War Museum, Romain said. And the need for a memorial was debatable. “Britain was not involved in initiating the Holocaust, or assisting in it, or standing by and so, unlike

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