‘We are achieving herd immunity right now’: Professor argues against lockdown measures

7 October 2020, 18:21

There is no longer a rationale for lockdown restrictions as the UK is “achieving herd immunity”, a university professor has told LBC.

Dr Gabriela Gomes, a professor of mathematic and statistics at the University of Strathclyde, made her case against lockdown measures to LBC’s Tom Swarbrick.

The professor is one of thousands of scientists and medical experts to have signed a letter calling for the end of lockdown restrictions and a return to a herd immunity strategy.

The ‘anti lockdown petition’ as it has been called, has been signed by at least 50,000 members of the public, 2,500 scientists and 3,200 medical practitioners so far.

It calls for those who are less vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 to be allowed to return to normal life, with a herd immunity approach to tackling the Covid-19 pandemic while protecting the most vulnerable.

Dr Gomes told LBC: “Since

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Fauci: Coronavirus-Driven Public Health Measures Needed to Make Flu Season Less Severe

Public-health initiatives like mask-wearing and social distancing that have been shown to successfully limit the spread of the novel coronavirus might also play an important role in suppressing the severity of the upcoming flu season, according to White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“Steps to fight the flu and COVID-19 overlap greatly,” he said during a virtual briefing on Thursday. “We don’t want those two diseases together.”

Fauci warned that the nation’s health-care system might soon be confronted with a “diagnostic challenge” if there is, in fact, a devastating one-two punch of the seasonal flu plus the coronavirus.

“There’s considerable concern as we enter the fall and the winter months and into the flu season that we’ll have that dreaded overlap of two respiratory diseases, namely influenza and COVID-19,” said the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

In the United States, on average, between nine

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