Teenage brothers from McLean launched an online tutoring service for elementary school students

“The first word is shred,” Bernstein says, and Gavin starts spelling the word to his best ability on that paper with pencil. Bernstein lists 24 more words before they review. Gavin runs into trouble spelling the second word, shriek.

“Okay, do you remember the rule with ‘E’ and ‘I’ and ‘I’ ‘E?’ ” Bernstein asks. “What’s the rule?”

“ ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C,’ ” Gavin says.

“Very good,” Bernstein says. “So what are we going to change in shriek?”

“We’re going to swap the ‘I’ and ‘E,’ ” Gavin concludes.

These are the lessons elementary school students are receiving in one-on-one instruction through Intutorly, a free online tutoring service created by McLean teenagers Alex and Ben Joel during the novel coronavirus outbreak. The program, which began in April, has reached more than 200 students as children struggle to find individualized learning with many schools teaching online.

“It rivals

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