I’m an Educator, and I Find Distance Learning Hard to Manage

Close up of a young boy studying and doing homework using his laptop

This morning, I try to get my twins to draw their favorite animal, an assignment we were supposed to have done for kindergarten yesterday. One sobs because her deer does not look like a deer. I want to sit with her but I forgot to print the alphabet for today and I can’t find the password to GoogleClassroom and I don’t know which app is for math. I squeeze my eyes shut and whisper, “I am doing the best I can” — and I almost believe it. I have a PhD in education. I am supposed to be able to figure this out. Professionally, I run parenting groups for families raising spirited kids who want to parent gently and positively. I have written papers on digital literacy, and I regularly consult with school districts on how to support social emotional development during distance learning. And yet, I am failing distance-learning

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How universities can manage student anxiety about coronavirus on campus

Students have returned to UK universities, and the timing couldn’t be worse. Some in the medical community have argued that the key to safe reopening is to do so at a time when community transmission is minimal. With coronavirus infections currently doubling every week and the government introducing new measures to bring those rates down, having up to one million students back on campus is enormously worrying and will inevitably contribute to the continued spread of the virus.

Despite this, according to a Universities UK survey, 97% of UK universities are proceeding with a “blended learning” approach combining remote and in-person teaching during this academic year.

Its hard to blame individual universities – without the brand value of Oxford or Cambridge, and lacking serious financial support from the government, they have felt compelled to offer blended learning to remain competitive for applicants. Still, it is worth pointing out that many

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