Covid-19 has posed the ‘wicked problem’ of how to maintain internationalisation in higher education

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Covid-19 has caused frantic activity in southern African and global higher education, and a vibrant discourse on the characteristics of post-pandemic internationalisation has emerged, among others.

Drawing from the notion of a “wicked problem”, we argue that post-Covid-19 internationalisation of higher education, and higher education itself, indeed has elements of “wickedness”. A wicked problem does not mean the question is “malevolent”, but rather that solutions might lead to new challenges, and that solutions cannot be classified as “right” or “wrong” (Zhao, Wehmeyer, Basham, & Hansen, 2019), and require diverse thinking.

Internationalisation of higher education is a complex space, full of “social and institutional uncertainties” and involving “multiple interacting systems” (Mertens, 2015, p3). Thus any attempt at a “best” way to advance internationalisation in higher education will be futile. We believe we should rather

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SimpleCloud Launches Virtual Desktop Platform for Higher Education to Maintain Class Continuity and Equitable Access to Technology

LOS ANGELES and MADRID, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SimpleCloud, the cloud-based remote workplace, today announced its education platform that allows classroom instruction to go remote in a matter of hours and maintain instruction continuity in applications like Autodesk, Adobe, Unity and Unreal Engine just to name a few. A short video explaining the key capabilities of SimpleCloud for Education can be viewed here

Reducing the technology barrier for students entering universities and colleges this year, SimpleCloud can help retain students for the semester and lower costs without compromising access to technology. Classes that require specific software suites or team collaboration in sectors such as design, animation, architecture, game development and engineering, can work with professors in virtual classrooms and labs, lowering health risks. 

The usage of virtual desk solutions, with unlimited graphic capacity in the cloud, allows users to connect to powerful virtual desktops from anywhere.

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